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Snow White Pitch 1 goes clean

Lower Wall 22 Jul 2014
This may be old info to some but I found no mention of it online after a bit of digging. I couple weeks ago I aided Snow White to the shared Princely Ambitions anchor without hammering any gear. Again, this might have been done before so I'm certainly not trying to toot my own horn. On the contra...
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Cliff between lower Zipper and Rattletale

Upper Wall 19 Jul 2014
So, what is the cliff band between the lower Zipper and Rattletale? (just below the very overhanging sport routes)   I recall seeing the "Index Eliminator" or "Eliminator" cliff mentioned somewhere. Is it this cliff band? You see it when you top out on Rattletale. It seems to have potential...
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True or False?

Lower Wall 11 Jul 2014
True or false?   Bolts were recently installed 30' up Ultra Brutal.     That these bolts were used for a camera crew filming a Hollywood movie to anchor the top of an extension ladder so that Vigo Mortensen (whoever that is) could climb to the top of it an pose as if he was climbin...
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The beauty of the (SS) ultra-contrived route...

Index Town Walls & Vicinity 24 Jun 2014
So, there is this overhanging tips-to-wide-hands crack on the left wall of the SS Ultrabrutal corner (the Country Area). It's a really nice, parallel crack, but is so close to the ultrabrutal corner that you have to be careful about swinging (slamming) into the rock if you try leading or TRing it...
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new route at Careno.

Icicle Canyon 19 May 2014
It is a newly cleaned crack up left by Swinging Affair. look on MP.   http://www.mountainp...igolo/108991365   I am pretty sure it was overlooked because the level of filth was a overwhelming cascade of crap. I think it is a cool climb. The 2nd pitch has a cool few moves on it but the u...
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